Residential Solar Control Window Films

At Hoosier Window Technologies, we’ve done all kinds of Residential installations including skylights, arched windows, windows requiring scaffolding, and windows of all sizes and types.

Some examples:

This set of windows were tall enough to require the use of scaffold!

Scaffold not needed here, but a 20 foot extension ladder was!

A pleasant condominium installation in Columbus, IN

In this photo, you can see the glare reduction of the top 6 windows, that have film, compared to the lower two that do not.

Why would you want window film in your home?

Some of the benefits of window film for the home include:

Reduce Heat from the sun by up to 80%
Reduce Glare by up to 80%
Reduce Fading and extend the life of furniture and other items by 3x
Increased Privacy

If you’d like a FREE consultation to discuss these benefits, please call 812-333-TINT (333-8468) Today!