Automotive Window Tint Pricing

At Hoosier Window Technologies, we take pride in offering the absolute best value in all our services. That means that even if our price is higher than some competitors, we're confident that our quality justifies the price.

FXtreme Nano-Ceramic film is a high performance hybrid film that offers 50% more heat rejection than standard color stable films. FXtreme adds $100 to the price of most whole vehicle installations.

Below is a basic listing and although prices will vary according to certain makes/models/ages of vehicles, this is a starting point:


Windshield Eyebrow:
Recent vehicles are getting more complicated rearview mirror assemblies, and tall trucks take longer too so pricing may vary. Eyebrows start at $25.00 with other windows, or $45.00 by itself.

Start at $45.00 for standard size (typically around 15 x 30), single pane roofs. Panoramic or large pane sunroofs will vary according to the vehicle and construction of the roof.

2 Front doors only (Such as on SUVs and Pickups)

Many 2 door and 4 door late model cars:
Start at: $250.00

Note: we charge the same for two door cars as we do for 4 door cars because, even though there are often fewer windows, the rear seat space is generally very cramped and often the rear window is larger and more difficult on 2 door cars.

Additionally, many cars in recent years are including multiple, small, "vent" or "quarter" windows so that there are 4 or 5 individual pieces of glass on each side. Although small, these windows take a lot of extra time. Therefore, an extra $25 will be added for vehicles that have more than 3 per side. Example: Newer Ford Fusion, 4 pieces of glass per side, $275.00

Most Regular Cab Pickups:

Extended Cab and 4 door Pickups:

Minivans and SUVs:
Starting at: $260.00

 Add $20 for "Vent" windows as mentioned above on Minivans and SUV's

The above prices include sales tax and are for legal, charcoal black colored window tint. Special types and darker films are extra. Cars older than 10 years will incur an additional charge, and some vehicles, like Volkswagen New Beetle have extra cost regardless of age.

Removal is additional, typically starting at $160.00 for a full car.